Posted by Carrie Porter on 17th Oct 2023

With the cold dark nights fast approaching its now the time to start (if you haven't already) preparing your Mini for winter.

The best option for your classic is to dry store but in some cases, this is your daily driver. Whether you’re commuting to work, collecting the children, or nipping to the shops ask yourself these questions first before risking any damage to your much-loved classic.

  • When did I last change my oil? We recommend giving your oil a change and while your there you should change your filter too; the cold can mean thicker oil and in turn put extra pressure on the filter.
  • Is my distributor cap covered? Weather shields are great for this, the last thing you want is moisture getting inside the cap and compromising your spark.
  • Are my seals all in good condition? Check all the seals on your Mini, if they have been on for some time and not treated, they can crack or deteriorate causing water to get inside and freeze in the colder months.
  • When was the last time I checked/replaced my tyres? Tyres are detriment to breaking and gripping. As the roads are getting wet and slushy you must make sure there is enough tread left for a good solid grip.
  • Can my radiator withstand the cold? There are several factors on this subject. Make sure all these points are covered to ensure your Mini is cooling properly.

.There is no cracks or deterioration in the radiator or hoses.
.Your thermostat and all its components are working correctly.
.Checking your belt and water pump
.And finally, Antifreeze. Make sure you have a good quality antifreeze that is suitable for your Mini

  • Are my lights clean and bright enough? Cleaning your lights will ensure they are giving off the maximum brightness. Most sealed beamed units are not as bright as the more modern halogen or led types available. Maybe consider upgrading these to ensure you can see as much as possible when driving in the dark.
  • Do my wipers work properly? Driving in the rain with poorly performing wipers is something you don’t want. Check the rubbers on the blades and that the arms are working correctly.
  • Battery life. Asses the battery and make sure this is fully charged. A replacement may be needed depending on the age.

We've put together a winter essentials product page of some of the items that will cover the above issues all at discounted prices.

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